We are the Clyde family. 
Cody, Kati, and Haislee Clyde

Diamond Bar Designs was founded by us! That's my husband Cody, and our daughter Haislee. 


My name is Kati Clyde, and I caught the entrepreneur bug early on in my life. With the support of my husband, and of course our littler helper Hais, we have finally taken the leap! 


I have always been into home decor, western design, and unique decorating ideas. Unable to find anything that suited my style in retail stores, I started to brain storm my own ideas. Cody, finally sick of hearing me talk of the ideas (with no action), pushed me to take the first steps!


We are here to make quality, stylish, and affordable home decor items, accessories, and whatever else we can think of! Then offer them to the whole wide world! (Okay, maybe just our friends and family. But hey, it's start!)